BBC Radio 4 60mins
Written by Ian Buchan

Directed by Eoin O'Callaghan

A Change In The Willows reunites the beloved characters of Kenneth Grahame's seminal The Wind in the Willows for an all new adventure.

Toad is back on a spending spree and dismissive of his friends until he needs their help for a rather irritating ghost problem. Ratty finds himself flooded out of his riverside home by rising river levels. Mole tries to understand the link between the pang in his stomach and the desire all animals have to be amongst their own kind. And good old Badger is upset that nobody listens to him and that his friends take him for granted.

The cast stars Tim McInnerny as Toad, Stephen Mangan as Mole, Julian Rhind-Tutt as Ratty and Andrew Sachs as Badger. When you have written lines for Manuel, where else is there to go?

I cameo as a sheep in denial -
a role I was born to play.