GAS (trailer)

What do you do when the jokes stop, but the laughter doesn't?

London Film Awards 2016 WINNER: BEST ACTOR
International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema 2016 NOMINATED: BEST SHORT FILM and BEST LEAD ACTRESS IN A SHORT FILM
El Dorado Film Festival 2015 WINNER: BEST EDITING
Las Vegas Galaxy Film Awards 2015 OFFICIAL SELECTION
Aberdeen Film Festival 2015 OFFICIAL SELECTION
Los Angeles Cinefest 2015 OFFICIAL SELECTION
Online International Film Festival 2015 OFFICIAL SELECTION

A moody, under-stated piece that is essentially one long climax. An attempt to show the circular nature of relationship blame through the medium of nitrous oxide addiction.

I was given the opportunity to create an arresting short which engages on a visceral visual and aural level. It was an organic process that started with limitation - that of a single flat location. How to best make use of the space? In conjunction with Director of Photography Christopher Sharman, we have weaved a ghoulish aesthetic which washes around the flat with elegance and suspense.

Ross Power's dial-a-creep score reminds us that storytelling is not limited to dialogue and picture. It helps pull the relationship together and apart, throwing weight where required and shutting up to let the scenes breathe.

The editing was a barrel of fun - a parade of breathing in and then breathing out in short sharp shocks - not entirely unlike the process of ingesting nitrous oxide itself. I want to lull you, sing a lullaby into your ear and then punch you into shape.

Finally, Katherine and Byron's performances are a statement in understatement. It's actually incredibly tricky to make laughing seem authentic, whilst trying not to drown a scene with nitrous-induced chortles. We think we found the right balance.

Stay safe, don't laugh.

The film is circling various festivals and therefore is not available publicly. If you would like to see the film, please drop me a message via any of the links top right.

11 min drama, Written, Directed and Edited by Ian Buchan
Starring Katherine Rose Morley and Byron Mc Nally
Produced by Raymond Waring and Byron Mc Nally
DP: Christopher Sharman
Score: Ross Power