Three Moments In Heaven is a taster piece, not quite a short film. Three scenes from a script called 'One Night In Heaven' which sadly never made it to fruition. This wasn't from the lack of effort from its many supporters, including Paul Abbott, Matt Lucas and Gub Neal - all of whom produced these snippets.

One Night In Heaven follows a concussed rent boy around London as he sinks deeper and deeper into physical and emotional darkness. An odyssey of disturbia, phantoms and a mysterious symbolic fox who is round every corner - signalling the ultimate mutation of urban and countryside that corrupts the soul so easily.

Written and Directed by Ian Buchan
Starring Mike Bailey, James Smith, Stuart McQuarrie and Lorraine Stanley
Produced by Lewis Partovi
Executive Produced by Matt Lucas, Paul Abbott and Gub Neal
DP: Simon Tindall
Score: Ross Power

Main photo credit: Rajan Wadhera Photography