My name is Ian. I'm a passionate Writer, Director, Editor and Performer. 

I started in production - including a Ferrero Rocher 'Ambassador' advert, don't you know, plus a 'Star Wars' advert where I may have stayed behind to put on the actual original Darth Vader costume and run around the night-time office looking more like Rick Moranis than David Prowse. Then onto films and into editing.

I pride myself on my editing skills, honed from being Assistant Editor on 'Code 46' and 'A Cock And Bull Story', working closely with Michael Winterbottom and Peter Christelis. I believe in the power of punch and release, of inhalation matched with exhilarating exhalation. Included in my experience was the time I learnt Avid Media Composer overnight and walked into a professional suite to complete a major revamp of the 'Shameless' titles.

I started and co-ran a web company with Michael Winterbottom and Andrew Eaton of Revolution Films, and for a few years we constructed exhaustive websites following their productions in depth. Our website for 24 Hour Party People contained hundreds of interviews with everyone involved and so impressed Tony Wilson that we were bestowed with a hallowed Factory Records number: FAC-433.

Will anything compare to working on 'Spice World'? Probably not.

I have a lot of writing experience, and as will sound familiar to other writers, a good proportion of this was spent in development (Channel 4, Film Four, Five and the BBC). Of the items that emerged victorious were a Radio 4 follow up to 'A Wind In The Willows', an episode of 'Doctors' and an episode of ITV2 show 'Trinity'.

A colossal near miss occurred when I co-created a dynamic and wonderful sitcom with Matt Lucas, and it was commissioned, written and cast, only to have the plug pulled at the last minute a few weeks before production due to a change in the broadcaster's overall vision. Spare a thought for Louise, the ex-soap star struggling to get a normal job. I know the feeling.

I continue to work on prospective projects, including short films and feature films. I'm keen to engage with creativity and productivity. It's in my soul and always will be.